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Event Medical Services

Event Medical Services

HEST Paramedical provides excellence in Medical Care to a vast range of industries and venues, including motorsports, equestrian, TV shows, Industrial, school sporting events, festivals and music concerts. Our team of highly qualified Paramedics, Doctors, Nurses and Technicians provide superior medical care alongside professional medical equipment to suit your every need.

Our Business Provides:

  • Doctors, Paramedics, Nurses and Emergency Medical Technicians for a range of events, including internal business functions to high risk public sporting events.
  • Basic and advanced medical response and life support equipment catered to the event risk profile.
  • Event Risk Assessment and Emergency Response Plans specifically catered to the requirements of the event and its location.
  • Supreme communication with management and venue owners to ensure optimum care for event-goers and staff.
  • Various rescue services, such as Heights and Vertical Rescue, Fire Fighting etc.
  • Extensive experience with Strapping/Tapping and Post Event Treatment.
  • On-site emergency treatment, including the administration of necessary medications.
  • The provision, restocking and inspection of First Aid Kits.
  • A wide range of relevant Health and Safety Equipment, including fully stocked ambulances.
  • The provision of a mobile on-site Medical Clinic.
  • A wide range of staff and management training in the areas of first aid, medical, rescue, ropes and confined spaces.

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