HEST strives to provide our clients with the very best in Safety Management and Consulting Services. Our dedication to each client guarantees thorough, highly structured programs and systems for each organisation, based around company requirements and relevant legislation and standards.

With our extensive knowledge and experience, HEST has created a modern behavioural system, entitled ‘5 Rights’. This is a systemic approach that, not only verifies behaviours, but also helps to focus efforts on Productivity Optimisation and Safety Excellence. The 5 Rights address the key areas of a work site and include:

  • People
  • Equipment
  • Environment
  • Procedures
  • Systems 

In following this approach, our team of professionals are able to detect safety hazards and threats before they occur and convey appropriate mitigation measures clearly and concisely to every one of our clients.

Health and Environment Consultancy

HEST can provide your organisation with superior health and safety consultancy services that give you peace of mind. We can perform a wide range of operations to aid in the overall safety of your business, including Site Aspects and Impact Assessments and the Creation of Environmental Exposure Mitigation Plans. We can also complete Property Pre-Acquisition Assessments for sites, ensuring they adhere to various Environment, Health and Safety criteria.

This highly customised service allows clients to make informed decisions regarding potential risks and hazards, and provides structured, well-communicated mitigation measures that can be implemented before problems arise.

HEST is also able to provide Occupational Health and Basic Hygiene Assessments, to ensure venues and businesses comply with necessary standards. These include services such as Noise Monitoring, Light Surveys, Dust Monitoring, Gas Testing, Wind and Temperature Assessments and Positional Functional Capacity Assessments. All surveys are completed by skilled technicians, using modern and calibrated equipment, to ensure clients receive accurate information from which to make informed decisions.


With a highly qualified team of qualified auditors, HEST is able to carry out a series of in-house Audits and Safety Reviews, following criteria from organisational QHSE Specifications through to legislative, Australian, and International Standards.

Once a thorough Audit is complete, a comprehensive report detailing specific implementations, response plans and required actions is created based off each client’s individual needs. This high level of detail allows for clients to make the best possible choices to ensure optimum safety and security for their organisation, workplace, venue or event.

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